Best Spots To Watch The Sunset In Destin, Florida

Best Spots To Watch The Sunset In Destin, Florida

Destin may be known for its beautiful beaches, but it also is home to some spectacular sunsets. Depending on where you watch the sunset in Destin and the weather, you can find cotton candy skies or a warm glow of colors as the sun fades over the horizon.You can’t go wrong picking a spot in Destin to watch the sunset, but these are some of my personal favorites.

The Beach

After a long day of travel, this is arguably the first things you should do in Destin. You’ve spent hours getting to Destin, Florida to experience the beautiful beaches. Why not drop your bags where you are staying and immediately head to the beach and catch the sunset. If you are getting into Destin on Saturday or Sunday, then I would definitely recommend heading to the beach and grabbing dinner after (all the tourists are out grocery shopping and the lines are the longest on these days). Take the time to relax after a long day of travel, and plan to grocery shop on a less busy day. All of the beaches in Destin, Florida faces south so regardless of which beach you go to the Sunset will be the same.

There are so many places to watch the sunset from the beach in Destin, you could watch the sunset from a different place each day of the week without visiting any of the other spots on this list. If you’ve watched the sunset at the beach before, try spicing it up with a beach bonfire before sunset (permit required).

On A Boat

For those looking to get away from dry land for a couple hours, a private sunset cruise is a great option. The two hours before sunset is also a great time for spotting dolphins and other sea life. I don’t want to sound biased, but watching the sunset on the water while looking for dolphins might be one of the best ways to relax. The sound of the dolphin’s blowhole and sunset is a very soothing combination.

One of my favorite things to do on a sunset is order Harbor Docks sushi to go and eat it while watching the sunset on the Destin Harbor. A sunset cruise is great for making memories with your family or having a romantic date with someone special.

Henderson Rooftop Bar

The rooftop bar at the Henderson gives you a great vantage point to watch the sunset over Destin, the Gulf of Mexico, and Henderson State Park. Henderson State Park is the largest piece of undeveloped land in Destin, Florida. If you are looking to grab a drink and watch the sunset, this is definitely a spot worth checking out.

The Henderson family bought up a large amount of land between what is now Highway 98 and the Gulf of Mexico. After passing away, the land was donated to the State of Florida with the stipulation that it could never be sold or developed, and that it must be turned into a state park. Today, Henderson State Park is the largest piece of undeveloped land in Destin and gives you a glimpse of what Destin used to look like.

Norriego Point

Although Norriego Point is technically a beach, it is still worth the visit for multiple reasons. Norriego is a park that is situated between the Destin harbor and the east pass. Norriego Point is the perfect location to watch the sunset because you get to enjoy the beach while watching the boats come into the harbor for the day. If you watch the sunset on a Thursday during the summer, you can also hang around and catch the firework show put on by the Emerald Grande. Depending on the tide, you may even find a pod of dolphin hanging around the jetties at Noeriggo Point in search of dinner.  

Destin Jetty East

The East Jetties is a beach on Holiday Isle with large rock jetties separating the Gulf of Mexico and East Pass. Parking near the public beach access is rather limited, which is part of the reasons why it is a great place to watch the sunset. As the sun starts to fade for the day, the beach at the jetties begins to feel like a secluded cove in Destin. You won’t find many people at the jetties during sunset except for several fisherman and the occasional photographer. The jetties are a perfect location for having your family photos taken, and is actually where my wife and I did our engagement photos.


There are several restaurants on the beach and harbor that double as a great spot to watch the sunset. Whether you choose a spot on the harbor or something beachfront, you can expect to wait up to an hour or more for a table to open up. This can be a great time to hang out on the beach and take pictures while you wait for your table.

A few restaurants to watch the sunset include Harbor Docks, Boshamps, Louisiana Lagniappe, The Back Porch, upstairs at McGuire’s, and Harbor Tavern to name a few. This is not a complete list, but some of favorite places to grab dinner and watch the sunset.

 Final Thoughts

There are so many spots to watch the sunset in Destin, but the truth is the sunset is going to be amazing in all the locations listed so don’t worry about finding the perfect spot. The locations listed are more about the vibe you are looking for while you enjoy the sunset. After all, the people you surround yourself with and memories you create is more important than the location.

Think you have a better spot to watch the sunset or think of somewhere we missed? Leave a comment and let us know your favorite spot to watch the sunset in Destin, Florida.

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