Best spots to watch the sunset in Destin, Florida

The sugar white sand and emerald green water in Destin make the perfect combination for beautiful sunsets. You can’t go wrong picking a spot in Destin to watch the sunset, but these are some of my personal favorites.

The Beach

You can pick any public beach access in Destin and you won’t be disappointed watching the sun fade over the Gulf of Mexico. There are many beachfront restaurants that have outdoor seating with great views of the sunset. Norriego Point is another great spot on Holiday Isle that you can walk around and watch the fishing fleet come in for the day as the sun sets. The East Jetties is another location on Holiday Isle that you can watch the sunset. There are many options for watching the sunset at the beach and you can’t go wrong picking one.

Sunset Cruise

For those looking to get away from dry land for a couple hours, a private sunset cruise is a great option. The two hours before sunset is also a great time for spotting dolphins and other sea life. One of my favorite things to do on a sunset is order Harbor Docks sushi to go and eat it while watching the sunset on the Destin Harbor. A sunset cruise is great for making memories with your family or having a romantic date with someone special.

Henderson Rooftop Bar

I just discovered the Henderson rooftop bar recently when my wife and I were looking for somewhere to watch the Kentucky Derby. The rooftop bar overlooks Henderson State Park which gives you a bird’s eye view of what Destin looked like before anyone lived here. Enjoy a few drinks and watch the sun set over a small slice of untouched paradise.

Harborwalk Village

The Harborwalk Village is a great location on the Destin Harbor to watch the sunset. There are several restaurants along the Destin Harbor that have great views of the sunset. If you are an early eater, you can also watch the sunset from the docks at Harborwalk Village as the fishing boats come in for the day.

Dewey Destin

The Dewey Destin on the bay next to Destin Marina is a great spot for a casual dinner or snow cone while watching the sunset. Dewey Destin has a long dock and outdoor seating that face the sunset making it a perfect spot to watch the sunset. If you are looking for a snow cone to cool off after a long day, or a casual seafood dinner, Dewey Destin is a great spot for dinner and watching the sunset.

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