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The Experience

We want to make sure you have the best experience possible! The boat is loaded down with floats, snorkel gear, bluetooth radio, and a cooler filled with ice! Every cruise is tailored to your group. Choose from dolphin excursions, Crab Island voyages, snorkeling, chasing the sunset, or enjoying drinks while cruising through the harbor.

Captain Madison

Captain Madison is a Coast Guard Approved Captain who loves to entertain and share her local knowledge of the area! Safety is her number one concern, right next to making sure your group has the time of their life! Whether you're looking for dolphins, the best local restaurants, or wanting to learn of the unique history of the area... she has you covered! 

Captain Tanner

As a local born and raised, Captain Tanner is a natural on the water! His friendly and kind personality, mixed with his years of experience, is what makes him a 5-star captain! So sit back and relax, knowing you couldn't be in better hands!

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