Tandem Cruises To The Rescue

Tandem Cruises To The Rescue

When the big boats are all snatched up months in advance for Crab Island shenanigans, that's where the magic of a "tandem cruise" with several 6-passenger pontoon boats comes in. The Destin scene in spring and summer is wild, and the big boats are like VIP tickets – gone before you know it. But fear not, because rolling with multiple 6-passenger boats is a blast.

Picture this: up to four boats, each holding six party enthusiasts, making a grand total of 24 happy campers. It's like a floating party squad! The cool part? You all leave from the same dock, rock out together on the ride, and drop anchor at Crab Island as one epic crew. It's like convoying in jeeps with the top down – just add water.

And guess what? More boats mean more toys – floats, coolers, and captains galore. Plus, the price tag isn't gonna blow your budget. Whether you're on a regular pontoon or living the high life on a double-decker with a slide, the focus is on keeping the good times rollin'. Dancing, goofing off, and soaking up the sun – this is the easy-breezy way to turn the boat booking struggle into a mega party win.

Double Decker With Slide

Regular Pontoon Boat 

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