Sailing Memories: Bereavement Services on Yacht In Destin Florida

Sailing Memories: Bereavement Services on Yacht In Destin Florida

In times of loss, finding meaningful ways to honor and remember a loved one is a deeply personal journey. Destin Crab Island Adventure Cruises introduces a unique and heartfelt service aboard our yacht. Discover how our Bereavement Services offer a special and serene way to celebrate the life of your dearly departed.


A Unique Memorial Experience:

Grief often seeks solace in the embrace of nature, and what better way to find it than on the tranquil waters of Destin? Our Bereavement Services provide a unique opportunity to commemorate the life of your loved one surrounded by the soothing sounds of the sea.


Sailing Memories with loved ones:


Our yacht, becomes a vessel of remembrance and celebration. Create a personalized experience, whether it's scattering ashes at sea, holding a memorial ceremony, or simply sharing stories and reflecting on the cherished moments you shared.


Embracing Nature's Comfort:


The gentle sway of the yacht and the expansive horizon create a serene backdrop, offering a sense of peace and closure. Allow the soothing rhythm of the waves to be a comforting companion during this tender journey of remembrance.


Celebrating Life at Sunset:


To add a touch of magic to this special occasion, consider our Sunset Cruise from 6-9 pm. This 3-hour charter for up to 12 people provides an intimate setting to celebrate life against the breathtaking canvas of a Destin sunset.


Sunset Cruise Logistics:


- Duration: 3 hours (6-9 pm)

- Capacity: Up to 12 people

-  Cost: $1,800 plus tax (Total: $1,926) + $300 for crew

- Total Cost: $2,226


Booking Information:


1. Advance Reservations: Due to the unique nature of our Bereavement Services and the popularity of our Sunset Cruise, we recommend making advance reservations.


2. Customization: Tailor the experience to honor your loved one. Whether it's a quiet reflection or a joyous celebration, our team is here to assist in crafting a personalized and meaningful charter.


3. Crew Assistance: Our experienced crew is dedicated to ensuring a respectful and supportive environment throughout the memorial service.




Sailing memories on our yacht is a poignant and extraordinary way to celebrate the life of someone dear to your heart. With the calming embrace of the sea and the beauty of a Destin sunset, we invite you to embark on a journey of remembrance, love, and closure. To reserve your Bereavement Service or Sunset Cruise, please contact us in advance to ensure we can provide the utmost care and consideration during this tender moment in your life.

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