Terms and Conditions

By clicking agree, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions. Please be aware of the Cancellation Policy and Barefoot Charter Agreement. 

Payment Information

When you book a trip, your credit card will be charged a $50 deposit to reserve your trip. In the event that you cancel your trip, this deposit may be refunded in accordance with the cancellation policy below. On the day of your trip you must pay the remaining amount. If you would like to pay with an alternate card or cash that is fine, simply let your captain know upon arrival! 

Cancellation Policy

All bookings are subject to a 7-day cancellation policy. The $50 deposit will not be refunded if you cancel within 7 days. See the below for weather related issues. Trips may be rescheduled, but are subject to availability. No-shows will also not qualify for a refunded deposit, so please show up for your trip we’d love to cruise with you!


What if weather does not cooperate?

If weather is unfavorable and the Captain calls off the activity, the tour may be rescheduled for a later time or a full refund will be issued. This decision is at the Captain’s discretion. We will never make you go out if the weather is nasty. Thanks to what the locals refer to as “The Destin Bubble” these situations are few and far between. Although sometimes rainy days make for the best adventures! 

Barefoot Charter Agreement

The following does not apply to groups of 6 or less people. Groups of 7-11 people are subject to the Barefoot Charter Agreement. 

I hearby agree that I am charting a vessel from Crab Island Adventures LLC without a crew and am responsible for hiring a crew to operate the vessel. I understand that the number of passengers on the boat, including the paid crew I hire, shall not exceed 12 passengers. In addition, I understand that the captain I hire must have an active and valid 25 ton Master's License from the US Coast Guard. I agree that it is my full responsibility to hire the crew and that I will be provided a list of qualified captains provided to me. 

Barefoot Charter Pricing Terms

The following does not apply to groups of 6 or less people, standard rates apply. Groups of 7-11 people are subject to barefoot charter pricing. 

It is $120/hr to charter the vessel without a crew. This pricing does not include the cost of hiring the crew (see Barefoot Charter Agreement above). Please keep in mind the cost of hiring a crew when booking your trip (~$25-40/hr). We can provide a list of qualified available captains for you to choose from. They are fun, outgoing, and carefully chosen to ensure you have a safe and happy day on the water. You can expect the captains from the list we provide to charge $25/hr.